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Waterbase Finishes Info

Synteko has been at the forefront of water base technology for the last 45 years and is now available in over 70 countries around the world. Today Synteko produces non-yellowing, low VOC water base timber floor finishes that meet the most stringent of environmental standards.

Synteko’s goal is to provide architects ,designers specifiers and professional contractors with timber floor finishes that not only prove to be reliable and durable, but will successfully enhance the project’s aesthetic appeal.

Synteko water base with its low VOC content and NMP free product results in timber floor finishes that not only bring out the natural beauty of your timber floor projects but will maintain the natural colour for many years to come.

Synteko has the floor finish system to meet your needs.

Solventbase Finishes Info

Synteko’s focus has been to produce quality products for the most discerning architect, designer and contractor. Synteko’s high standard means that the company does not manufacture the cheapest or widest range of products. Synteko produces proven quality products that enhance the natural beauty of the timber floor whilst leaving behind a durable, long-lasting, beautiful floor finish that will completely satisfy you and your customer.

For the last 50 years, Synteko’s Swedish finish, known as “Classic” has withstood the test of time and set the benchmark for excellence that no other floor finish can match. Synteko’s Classic system provides a unique combination of durability with clarity and grain definition. The Classic system also provides unsurpassed beauty, bringing out the natural colour of your wood floor in addition to scratch and scuff resistance properties.

The Classic advantages to you, the Architect/Designer and professional contractor, is a sophisticated product that can be coated over all new timber floors in lieu of polyurethane, oil modified, Tung oil based finishes without the incidence of edge bonding or rejection commonly experienced with oily timbers. In addition a further advantage is the low maintenance cost associated with polyurethane type finishes. If surface scratches are made in the topcoat they are less visible than other finishes and less likely to chip or peel away. Most importantly it enhances the natural colour and beauty of Australian timber flooring. No need to apply acrylic type waxes on a monthly basis. There is even an aerosol touch-up can available. When the Synteko Classic system begins to show signs of wear it can be simply re-coated without re-sanding to bare wood as it bonds to itself very effectively, forming one coat.

The Synteko Classic Swedish system is engineered to provide maximum durability whilst maintaining the natural timber appearance that Classic has come to be known for.

Synteko has also high a high solid, oil-modified floor finish called Urethane. This product is unique for its use of superior high quality alkyd resin compared to all other competitors’ products. Two coats of Urethane is equivalent to three coats of competitor’s products. This floor finish is renowned for its depth of beauty and because of its very high solid content, is extremely durable, especially when compared to traditional oil finishes in Australia. Synteko Urethane is a universal product enabling it to be used on any species of timber floor. Urethane gives the timber floor finish richness of colour while offering maximum protection. As Urethane is its own sealer, it only requires two coats in many situations. Thus making Urethane an economical product per square meter per litre.

Oil Based Penetrating Floor Finish Info

Synteko’s mission is one of producing uncompromising quality products. Synteko floor coatings have been at the forefront of timber floor finish technology for the last 50 years. This policy is especially carried through to its penetrating oil range of timber floor finishes.

Synteko has developed three world-class leading, yet distinctly different oil finishes. Namely, Synteko Hardwax Oil, Natural and Domo Oil.

Synteko Hardwax and Natural are innovative 100% solids oil finish, derived from natural oils for timber floors. This zero VOC compliant natural oil can be used in high wear areas where traditional oils cannot be used. Hardwax and Natural and, to a lesser extent, Domo are characterised by an exceptional high yield coupled with extraordinary abrasion resistance, which is obtained through no evident film build left on the timber surface. Both Hardwax, Natural and Domo penetrate into the wood surface enhancing the natural beauty and warmth of the wood. Wilts Hardwax leaves a wax residue on the surface for added water resistance. This all results in an extremely durable, matte floor finish requiring minimal maintenance.

A unique feature of Synteko penetrating is the ability to modify its basic colour by adding a range of pigmented colours. Click here to view some examples.