About Synteko

The Synteko History

It all started in a laboratory in Stockholm where the chemists at that time producing adhesives had a tendency to drop urea resin at the laboratory desks. What was first seen as a problem due to the difficulty to remove this hard substance was later realized as a possibility to be used at other surfaces. Syntekos first floor finish was introduced right after the end of World War II and the first product was an unmodified urea resin floor finish.

The great break-through came in the beginning of the fifties when Synteko introduced a new modified version. The success was a fact. The Synteko brand became generic, and people wanted to have their floor Synteko treated. In the 70s Synteko was one of the first companies in the world to introduce waterborne lacquers. This competence is still the strength of Synteko.

Synteko started its global expansion already in the fifties. The photo to the right shows a delivery of Synteko floor finish to our partner in Sydney Australia 1964, who at that time already had been a customer for ten years. This is also an attribute that is recognized with Synteko, its long business relations. Many of the Synteko partners have been working with Synteko for many years. The common base on which the Synteko family all work is focus on the specialist and high quality.

Synteko Quality Policy

Synteko is an international high quality manufacturer and distributor of floor finishes. All goods and services provided shall meet the requests and demand of the customers concerning functionality and availability. Synteko works in close cooperation with its customers and suppliers. The business is driven towards quality targets. Synteko is working according to the ISO 9001 & ISO14001 standard. Continuous improvement is a natural part of our environment. High focus is set on standardized processes in production, as well as quality control in production and of raw materials.

Research and Development

Wooden floors have always been the focus of Synteko’s research and concern. Our aim is to be the leaders in a process that starts from the ingredients and enhances state-of-the-art technology and outputs a product that give the specialist a good result when applied to the floors and that also consider the environment and the health of the professional.

Synteko’s R&D department consists of specialists in all fields like oils, acid curing, solvent-borne, waterborne, etc. Besides our own laboratory, Synteko cooperates with international Sika technology centers. Together we insure that we always are in the front line concerning new technology.

Synteko and the Environment…

Concern for health, safety, and the environment is an integral part of Synteko’s business policy. We actively support the guiding principles of the Business Charter for Sustainable Development (International Chamber of Commerce), the Responsible Care® (chemical industry), and the Coatings Care Program (coatings industry). Synteko always aim towards waterborne and natural products. The base for our work with ISO14001 is our environmental policy. Our environmental achievements is a continuous improvement process.

In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, we strive to do the following:

  • Integrate responsibility for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) into operations
  • Implement a HSE policy for all of our activities and products
  • Communicate openly about HSE issues
  • Cooperate with others to develop HSE regulations and industry standards and to resolve problems created by past handling and disposal of hazardous substances
  • Improve the HSE aspects of products and processes through targeted research and continuous replacement to new more environmental friendly raw materials
  • Motivate employees to work in a HSE-responsible manner through training.