Sandpaper Products

Abrasives for every wood flooring scenario.


For the last thirty-five years, Virginia has been providing innovative abrasive products and solutions that our customers require. Whether you are sanding the roughest timber floor, or need to refinish the latest factory pre-finished floating floor, Synteko in conjunction with Virginia Abrasives have the know how.

When it comes to timber floor sanding, no other manufacturer offers a better selection of performance products. Based on the philosophy of developing high performance, quality products using cutting edge technology, Virginia Abrasives have now launched the Monster range of floor sanding belts, rolls etc. The advantages of using Monster sandpaper are:

  1. The Monster weight-woven backing paper allows for longer belt life and better tracking, on belt machines. The benefit is less time wasted in changing sandpaper belts coupled with aggressive consistent sanding.
  2. Based on stringent grit selection criteria, including zirconia the, one of the hardest materials available, and coated with advanced resins, the Monster sandpaper allows for faster and more consistent cutting power. The revolutionary Monster Belts and Rolls sand cooler, faster and resist tearing.
  3. Each grade of paper is engineered to do its job more effectively and last longer. The coarse grit is designed for speedy removal of heavy/old coatings and the finer grit for a smoother finish and longer life of the sandpaper.
  4. The Monster paper has been engineered with a special blend of resin bonding system that is heat resistant and has an anti static additive that resist loading and clogging of saw dust build up, allowing the Monster paper to sand cooler and faster.
  5. A revolutionary precision tape splicing system that not only eliminates chatter, but also allows the belts to be used in both directions.

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