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Synteko Classic Problem Solver
Reason / Correct Procedure
How to Repair /Correct
Gloss level is incorrect Matting agent settles at bottom of
bottle when standing. Inadequate mixing of matting agent.
Screenback surface and refinish again
with correct gloss level (35,50 or 90). Last coat always gives gloss
Always shake bottle thoroughly before
use in order to disperse matting agent evenly. Leave bottle to stand
for 5 minutes allowing air bubbles to surface.
Always allow for adequate ventilation
(refer to ventilation document).
Larger container requires more vigorous
mixing. Alternatively use mixing/application tray to adequately mix
Finish dries too slowly Insufficient ventilation Heat room and provide air movement
after film formation and when surface is tack-free.
Do not leave finish in a cold car overnight;
if this happens, warm to room temperature in max. 40oC hot water.
Always allow for adequate ventilation
(refer to ventilation document).
Finish must be at room temperature,
which should be over 15oC.
Relative humidity of air should be
below 85% and moisture in wood below 15%.
In cool, humid conditions you may increase
amount of hardener to 12% (instead of 10%). Apply 3 thin coats instead
of 2 heavy coats.
Finish remains soft Either no hardener or too little hardener
Spray floor with or rub in a mixture
of 20% hardener/80% methylated spirit. After curing, re-screen surface
and finish again with adequate ventilation.
In cool, humid conditions you may increase
amount of hardener to 12% (instead of 10%). Apply 3 thin coats instead
of 2 heavy coats.
Finish dries too fast in dry weather.
Overlapping marks appear.
Add 5-10% Retarder 1670 in last coat. Re-screen and finish again.
Film forms too fast, wrinkles in suface Avoid draught over surface in order
to allow finish to dry evenly
Let coat harden, allow for solvents to evaporate, then screenback and
finish again.
Prior coat must be dry and sandable
before next coat is applied. Solvents are still evaporating
Pimples/impurities Vacuum building site carefully: floor,
walls, tools etc. Close windows until finish is tack-free
Re-screen and finish again.
Remove last dust from floor with a
cloth moistened with methylated spirit before finishing (“Tacking” is
Continuous smell of formaldehyde As soon as Synteko Classic is touch dry, open windows. Insufficient ventilation (refer to
ventilation document).
Provide adequate ventilation every
10 minutes during winter
Bad abrasion and scratch resistance Do not place furniture on floor for
at least 2 days. Always fit felt floor protectors under all furniture.
Remove minor scratches with Synteko
Finished surface must be treated carefully
for the first 60-90 days as the coating has not cured through. The
result is white scratch lines.
Re-screen and finish again.
Always keep floor clean. Vacuum regularly
or use a dust control mop daily to keep grit away from finished surface.
See maintenance instructions.
Clean regularly with Synteko Super
Clean after 1 month
Discoloration because of sunlight (ambering) Normally, finishes do not contain a UV-filter.
However, wood itself ambers because of sun influence. Always try to
keep direct sunlight off timber floors.
Differences in colour disappear when sanded and
sealed again.
When carpets are rearranged obvious colour differences
eventually disappear.
Synteko Classic does not adhere to previously finished
floors or hardwood floors
Do not recoat polyurethane finishes or waterbased
finishes with Synteko Classic.
Completely remove old finish. Then coat with Synteko Classic.
Pre-finished floors and laminate floors cannot
be recoated with Classic.
It is recommended to test a sample area before
proceeding with work.
Wax must be completely removed by sanding.
Wood floor surface  marks easily from food
stains or water  puddles
Insufficient coats applied. If needed localise and spot repair stain/mark
by sanding and coating to damaged area, followed by recoating area
to blend patch repair.
Finish coats applied are too thin.
Surface coating has cracked due to it being to
brittle. This is generally caused by too much hardener added when finish
mixed prior to application.
Finish surface scratches easily after coating cured Floor surface not swept regularly and /or ineffective
external door mats
Use electrostatic mop daily to minmise grit.
Incorrect felt floor protectors fitted to furniture Replace felt floor protectors.
No walk off mats at high traffic areas Replace external door mats as well as install walk
off mats internally at high traffic points.
Floor finish too brittle due to too much hardener
added at time of mixing and application, or coats are too thin.
If necessary re-screen and recoat.
Synteko Classic finish has cracks Do not add too much hardener (Max 12%). Sand down to bare wood and coat again.
Do not apply more than 3 coats