Galaxy Elite 3 Edger

The Galaxy Elite 3 Edger is the most powerful floor sanding edger to ever hit the market.

Years of design concepts, market research, and engineering were combined in the production of the Elite 3 in order to make sure that Galaxy lived up to it’s reputation of producing the finest and most powerful floor sanding tools.
Unlike many traditional edgers, we modified certain aspects which will ensure the best possible finish for your floors.

Some of these new features are:

  • florescent lighting – helps to clearly see all blemishes
  • uses a belt drive instead of gears, providing more power
  • belt drive is smoother and quieter
  • two speed machine
  • 3400 RPM pad speed
  • double roller wheels and sealed ball bearings

The Galaxy Elite 3 speaks for itself in proving to be the most powerful and innovative edger to date on the market.

Make sure to pick up yours soon!